Coil-fed laser blanking lines.

Coil processing has been well established amongst press shops. This allows for identical high volumes products to be produced economically. When it comes to high flexibility for processing sheet metal, the laser is usually the clear favorite. Here, various small batches are produced quickly and efficiently from sheet metal. With consistently increasing laser speeds and more frequent changes to products, laser cutting from coil is becoming relevant for medium batch sizes. Laser cutting systems fed via strip material offer significantly higher machine run times than traditional cutting systems processing sheet metal. Thanks to the coil-fed laser blanking lines developed by ARKU and TRUMPF, coil processing is now more flexible than ever before. Benefit from the following advantages:

  • Continous material feeding
  • Material cost savings of up to 30%
  • Tooling cost savings
  • Lower installation costs and reduced space requirements

ARKU manufactures coil-fed laser blanking lines which were developed together with TRUMPF. A coil-fed laser blanking line is available for trials at the TRUMPF customer center in Neukirch (Saxony - Germany).

ARKU coil-fed laser blanking line in the TRUMPF customer center in Neukirch, Saxony (Germany).

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Johannes Decker

Johannes Decker
Sales Coil lines
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"Since we have begun producing with the new system, we work on one shift instead of two.” - Karl-Heinz Hofmann, Line Manager at Viessmann. More about customers’ successful use of our machines:

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