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Our high quality standards do not only apply to our deburring machines, but to our deburring tools as well. We place great emphasis on the material quality, precision manufacturing and enhanced lifetimes of spare and wear parts. Most often, successful processing depends on the small things. So we offer you only tools that will be able to complete the job correctly, the first time.


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Deburring Tools & Machine Supplies

You know your own requirements best. If you already know exactly what type of tool you are looking for, go straight to our deburring machine supplies & tools page.

Deburring blocks

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Abrasive belts & non-woven abrasives

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For the jobs that you carry out with your ARKU machines: We have prepared an overview of the most important processes - and sorted the appropriate tools accordingly. This section is about deburring and the processes and tools that are used.

Large piece of metal to be deburred.


Deburring is the removal of excess material that remains often stubbornly stuck to the metal after parts are cut. During punching a burr can form on the cutting edge of the sheet metal. Laser and thermal cutting leave molten material residues on the metal edges.


Metal item undergoing edge rounding by an automated machine from ARKU.

Edge Rounding

The edge rounding of sheet metal delivers the desired edge radius to the material. The sharp edges are removed and the edges are prepared for further processing such as painting.


Metal plate that is in need of slag removal.

Slag Removal

Often not fully ejected slag (dross) sticks to thick materials during plasma or oxyfuel cutting. This slag has to be removed before the part can undergo further processing. Unlike burrs, slag can easily be chipped off with the right tools.


ARKU can remove oxide by products from cut edges with deburring tools.

Oxide Removal

Oxide byproducts are removed from the cut edges via a combination of deburring tools and machine operations.


ARKU employee inspecting the surface finishing on a processed part.

Surface Finishing

Usually, the sheet metal surface is already treated during the mechanical deburring operation. This could be the result of the deburring and rounding tools or purposefully applied by a surface finishing unit.



Here we have put together interesting facts about grinding.

Abrasive technology

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Economical processing

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Removing Stubborn Burrs with Our Deburring Tools

Removing Stubborn Burrs with Our Deburring Tools

There have been many positive changes for the employees at Südstahl with the EdgeBreaker®. “The entire concept should be geared to making it fast and easy. That way we will have employees that are committed to deal with the machines,” so Oliver Wetenbacher, Head of Production, about the EdgeBreaker® ease of use. “At SÜDSTAHL, the acceptance for ARKU technology is very good,” he sums it up.

Südstahl relies on the EdgeBreaker® 4000. The grinding drum outfitted with an abrasive belt removes stubborn burrs. Edge rounding blocks round the sheet metal parts on both sides in a single pass.



Success stories from the field.

Edge rounding tools

Edge rounding tools:

BOGBALLE rounds the parts so that the powder coating of its spreaders won’t chip off. Bogballe backs the EdgeBeaker® with edge rounding blocks.

Edge rounding blocks

Tools for flame-cut parts

Tools for flame-cut parts:

KTS is specialized in thermal cutting and CNC milling of steel. Mario Koch, Managing Director of KTS, believes in ARKU’s automated deburring solution with deburring roller and rounding blocks.

Deburring tools

Flame-cut parts without slag formation:

Flame-cut parts without slag formation:

Straub (Germany) has growing demand in cleanly deburred and rounded flame-cut parts for its small-batch and large scale production with time constraints and high quality requirements attached.

Slag removal

Tailor-made tools and spare parts for your deburring machines.

Tailor-made tools and spare parts for your deburring machines.

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