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Architectural facade panels for Manhattan from Baden-Baden

The factory hall is filled with the smell of machine oil and the constant humming of precision... more

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Focus on Coil lines

From April 22 to 26, 2024, the ARKU InfoDays attracted numerous visitors from Germany and abroad to... more

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Laser processing of coils generates great interest

Baden-Baden, Germany - Word is spreading among sheet metal experts about the advantages of cutting... more

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The challenging search for skilled employees

Baden-Baden, Germany – Machinery manufacturers have come to regard the shortage of skilled... more

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Professional and fast to the perfect sheet

Baden-Baden, Germany - ARKU Maschinenbau has now been offering contract leveling for 15 years and... more

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ARKU is ready for new challenges

Baden-Baden - A weakening economy, global conflicts and the increasing shortage of skilled labour... more

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More protection for whales and dolphins!

ARKU is once again supporting the WWF with a donation this year.Hardly any other group of animals... more

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ARKU: Consistently at the top of the world market leaders

ARKU has once again maintained its position as one of the 450 secret world market leaders this year. more

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Blechexpo 2023 - Leveling.Deburring.Coil lines.

Many long-time customers, as well as new contacts from Germany and abroad, used this year's... more

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This deburring machine makes laser cutters flexible all around!

Producing sheet metal parts economically in small quantities - that is the strength of laser job... more

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ARKU soccer team takes 2nd place at SV Ulm company tournament

Our ARKU soccer team took part at this year's company tournament of SV Ulm. After successful... more

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ARKU Summer Party 2023

Our annual sommerfest was once again a resounding success. Everyone, including employees and... more

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ARKU runs at the B2Run in Karlsruhe

With nine participants, ARKU brought the strongest team in the company's history to the running... more

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Coil laser systems combine advantages of coil and laser

The question of whether to opt for laser cutting of sheet metal blanks or stamping from a coil has... more

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ARKU welcomes eight new trainees and DHBW students

With six new trainees and two DHBW students, ARKU has once again gained young and motivated... more

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Explore new horizons in the dual study program.

As a student at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), you are already closely... more

ARKU Open goes into its third round

Last Thursday, 27.7.2023, ARKU's employee tennis tournament took place for the third time.... more

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ARKU junior staff and management clear the way for rescue dogs

Rescue dogs are indispensable to help find missing people. That's why the dog unit of the DRK... more

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ARKU makes its supply chain more resilient.

Baden-Baden (Germany) - The shock was profound: At times, three out of four German machinery... more

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How to deburr laser cut parts - ARKU Video Podcast 10

In our new video podcast, we show you how you as a laser company can improve the edge and surface... more

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Automation for sheet metal processing: ARKU InfoDays 2023

Information and networking revolving around the topics of leveling and deburring are the focus of... more

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ARKU Maschinenbau moves into new facility in Bühl

The Baden-Baden-based manufacturer ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH has commissioned a new facility in Bühl.... more

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EuroBLECH 2022 – Levelling. Deburring. Automation. | ARKU Inc.

Event | 11/07/2022 Both long-standing customers and new contacts alike from Germany and abroad... more

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Leveling and deburring machines create capacity

Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland – When young companies establish themselves in old production facilities,... more

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ARKU employee personally helps in earthquake area

After the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, every helping hand is needed. That's what... more

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ARKU supports earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey

"We are deeply shocked in Germany and especially at ARKU by the scale of the devastation caused by... more

#Deburring |

Deburring with the EdgeBreaker® 4000

Large and heavy sheet metal parts, such as those used to manufacture tractors or cranes, are an... more

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Dual studies at ARKU - congratulations! | ARKU Inc.

Jonathan Hammer and Florian Hofmann, dual students at ARKU have successfully completed their... more

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We are closed for our company vacation

We would like to extend a special thank you for your cooperation in 2022 and we are looking forward... more

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Properly integrate artificial intelligence into the workplace | ARKU Inc.

The transformations brought about by artificial intelligence (AI) specialists and managers must be... more

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ARKU again ranks as world market leaders for leveler

ARKU has again made it to the 500 world market leaders. These were published in Germany`s leading... more

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With the right deburring tools, parts can be machined twice as fast


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Wilfried Kentsch retires after 54 years at ARKU

Our summer festival was the perfect opportunity for ARKU employees and their families to celebrate... more

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ARKU receives Supplier of the Year Award

ARKU has been awarded the „Supplier of the Year 2022“ by one of its customers, KIRCHHOFF... more

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4th place for the ARKU soccer team

On Friday, 08/12/2022, the ARKU soccer team participated in a tournament hosted by the SV Ulm.... more

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Starting your professional career at ARKU

Also this year, ARKU has once again gained young and motivated future talents with three new... more

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Team spirit at the ARKU Open 2022

After a successful start in the summer of 2021, our employee tennis tournament went into the second... more

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ARKU trainees and management support the local forestry department

To remove the remains of the aftermath of the storm Lothar in 1999, the trainees and students of... more

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Trainees started an automation project | ARKU Inc.

Leveling is important for sheet metal processing, and automation is becoming more and more... more

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Employees from ARKU participated in the 17th Freiburg Marathon in Germany

After having been paused for two years, the Freiburg Marathon finally took place again on Sunday,... more

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Save the date: ARKU InfoDays 2022

From May 30th to June 3rd, 2022, our doors will be exclusively open to you. Whether you are a... more

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Tremendous aid for Ukraine refugees

ARKU employees, their relatives and friends have donated a total of 5 tons in the form of clothing,... more

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Top customer feedback

Head of Customer Service aims to achieve further improvements - video support gaining headway. more

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More protection for the Amazon!

This year, ARKU once again supports the WWF with a donation. more

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