Active product development – Innovations made by ARKU.

ARKU actively develops products with a specially selected team of technology and sales experts. We listen to feedback from our customers and implement it into successful solutions.

That is why ARKU ranked among Germany’s most innovative mid-sized companies in 2014.


Triple chained system.

Industry 4.0 and growing process networking: EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus interlinks with FlatMaster® 55 80 and FlatJack®.


Triple chained system.

All in one process: deburred and rounded with the EdgeBreaker®. Controlled flatness thanks to FlatJack®.

Triple chained system.

Triple chained system.

Robots for fully automated sheet metal processing.

Fast cleaning of the straightening rollers.

Fast cleaning of the straightening rollers.

High durability: fast cleaning of the straightening rollers thanks to quick change or cassette system for straightening rollers.


Fast cleaning of the straightening rollers.

The changing of the straightening rollers and the thorough cleaning of the straightening unit are possible in a short time.

Parts handling

Parts handling

It can see what it is handling: The Vision robot from ARKU takes leveling and deburring automation to a new level.

Deburring technology: on the market since 2014.

We optimize our deburring technology together with our customers. At the ARKU Leveling and Deburring Centers in Baden-Baden (Germany), Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) and in Kunshan (China). Practical solutions drawn from practical experience. Based on real applications and tests that we carry out every day. That is why we always understand our customers’ needs and how we create perfectly tailored, state-of-the-art solutions: market-oriented with innovative ideas combined with our years of metalworking experience.


The FlatMaster® hydraulic leveler.

Unique in the metalworking market: The FlatMaster® leveler series with servo-hydraulic leveling gap control and integrated quick-change system for leveling rollers.

Automatic flatness testing directly on the leveler with FlatJack®.

The user-independent and integrated flatness control system FlatJack® automatically checks the flatness of punched, laser-cut and flame-cut parts. Highly precise flatness without manual work – down to tenths of a millimeter.

Network panel optimization for Industry 4.0.

Everything in one process: when machines, sensors and people communicate perfectly. We implement the ideal processes for your production.

As an example of this goal, ARKU recently presented a production line consisting of the EdgeBreaker® 2000 for double-sided deburring and rounding, linked with the FlatMaster® 55 80 precision leveler and the FlatJack® for exact parts flatness testing. Using robots instead of operators, all of the panel optimization steps are carried out fully automatically. This guarantees rapid and efficient production.

Other milestones in leveling and feeding technology.

The most important innovations in leveling and feeding machines also include:

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