The EdgeBreaker® series – ensures high process reliability.

Whether plasma, oxyfuel or flame-cut parts: Even slag thicker than three millimeters can be handled by the EdgeBreaker® 4000. This deburring machine for plasma & flame cut parts delivers high quality results due to double-sided processing, pure power and outstanding innovation. The EdgeBreaker 5000 specializes in sole slag removal. Small plasma and flame cut parts can easily be cleaned. We will glady advise you on how you can benefit from such a piece of machinery. Ideally we would like to demonstrate the machine performance in our leveling and deburring center with your parts.


Deburring of flame-cut burrs can be a time consuming process. This is not the case anymore since the introduction of the EdgeBreaker® 4000. The oscillating drum allows the machine to remove burrs from parts up to 100 mm thick reliably and fast - even in large quantities.

Slag removal

The slag on oxyfuel or plasma-cut parts has to be removed via hand grinding before the actual deburring process takes places. This is done to ensure a reliable and economical subsequent deburring process. Thanks to the machines offered by ARKU, having to manually remove the slag is no longer necessary.

Edge rounding

The edge rounding of edge for flame-cut parts includes the removal of the sharp edge along the material. In addition, an adequate radius is conducive to paint adhesion. With the help of the deburring blocks, the edge rounding is achieved on both sides of the material.


EdgeBreaker® 4000

Flexibility is the key to the EdgeBreaker® 4000: After the burrs and slag caused by flame cutting have been removed via the grinding drum, you can simply choose between double-sided deburring or edge rounding. Specifically catered towards your optimal single pass deburring and edge rounding results.

EdgeBreaker 5000

EdgeBreaker® 5000

The EdgeBreaker® 5000 is built tough - this is necessary when it needs to easily remove slag caused by flame cutting.

EdgeBreaker Line-9000

EdgeBreaker® 9000 Line

More throughput. Less effort. Reproducible quality. Sounds too good to be true? Thanks to the double-sided machining of the EdgeBreaker® 9000 Line, this is possible.

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Sales Manager Deburring
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