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For 90 years, ARKU has stood for reliability in sheet metal processing. Our customers made us what we are today: the market leader in leveling and coil line technology and an innovator in deburring technology. Our success is the product of constant improvement together with the users.

Pressing Feeding Lines

ARKU press feeding lines are distinguished by their short set up times and high system availability. They stand for high economical use throughout their entire service life and can be integrated into press lines for a wide array of manufacturers. Whether you need a compact design, a machine for high speeds and continuous leveling, higher process reliability, or individual components for even more efficiency, ARKU has what you need.

Coil-fed Laser Blanking Lines

ARKU coil-fed laser blanking lines offer maximum flexibility when it comes to processing coil. Laser cutting systems fed via strip material offer significantly higher machine run times than traditional cutting systems processing sheet metal. The integrated ARKU precision and high-performance leveler guarantees process reliability and flat materials. ARKU can digitally lay out the coil-fed laser blanking lines according to your individual requirements.

Coil Systems for Roll Formers

ARKU is the market leader for coil preparation & roll forming entry lines. These systems ensure that the strip preparation does not become a production bottleneck and guarantee that profile manufacturing pays off.

Press feeding lines.

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Coil-fed laser blanking line.

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Coil systems for roll formers.

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Industries served

ARKU coil processing equipment can be used in a range of industries, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical components
  • Aerospace
  • Job shops
  • Appliances

Features of coil lines

  • Integrated precision leveler(s)
  • Compact form (shorter than conventional lines)
  • High level of automation

Our differentiators

ARKU has a rich history of over 90 years in the business and 50+ years of leveling experience, with an established international presence. We are product and service focused, keen on offering reliability while constantly innovating to ensure we provide the most cutting-edge technology to our customers.


What is coil processing?

Coil processing is the transformation of steel coil into a variety of shapes and sizes. Common coil processing techniques are:

  • Cut-to-length (shearing)
  • Slitting
  • Roll-forming
  • Leveling and stretching
  • Edging
  • Feeding
  • Laser-blanking

Cutting to length and slitting takes place in slitting and cut-to-length lines. Here the coil is cut to the desired dimensions for further processing.

In the next step, the coil material is fed into presses, roll forming entry lines or coil-fed laser blanking lines. The coil lines ensure that coils are fed reliably and in the right quality for optimal further processing.

Ultimately, coil processing equipment is designed to meet your needs, whether this be leveling, cut-to-length processing, or slitting. Different coil lines will achieve different results and final products, so, when choosing a coil line, it is important to know what process you want to accomplish.

What types of coil lines are available from ARKU and what are their advantages?

Depending on the application, coil lines are designed differently. Here are the different variations:

  • Coil-fed laser blanking lines
  • Press feeding lines
  • Roll forming entry lines

Advantages of coil-fed laser blanking lines:

  • Material cost savings of up to 30%
  • Tooling cost savings
  • Lower installation costs and reduced space requirements

Advantages of press feeding lines:

  • Short setup times
  • High system availability
  • Integration into press lines for a wide array of manufacturers

Advantages of roll forming entry lines:

  • Short set up times
  • High availability
  • Continuous production
  • Economical roll forming

ARKU is the market leader for coil lines and precision levelers. All of our coil lines are built with robust construction, extremly durable and reliable. Our worldwide serivce is available around the clock.

We are also coil-laser blanking pioneers and have a standard interface to interconnect with TRUMPF machines. Thanks to the levelers from ARKU, you will benefit from optimal leveling results, very short setup times and fast response times for service needs.

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Franck Hirschmann

Franck Hirschmann
Sales coil lines
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Success stories.

"Since we have begun producing with the new system, we work on one shift instead of two.” - Karl-Heinz Hofmann, Line Manager at Viessmann. More about customers’ successful use of our machines:

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Clever retrofitting.

You don't always have to invest in a completely new line. Enhance the efficiency of your machines through retrofits and modernization.

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EcoPlan® drive system

In 2000, the patented EcoPlan® drive system was introduced for coil levelers. Since then, ARKU has consistently continued to develop the machines and equipment to achieve greater performance and energy efficiency.

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