Precise processing, optimal results.

For the highest quality, reliable processing as well as individual and tailored solutions that fit your requirements – that is why ARKU developed various processing units for sheet metal parts. The modules installed in the EdgeBreaker® 1000 are specifically designed for flexible and cost-effective processing of punched and laser-cut parts: The rounding disc ensures uniform rounding of the part edges from above.

Deburring with the grinding drum.

The thicker the material, the larger the burr/slag. The grinding drum nestles against flame-cut parts and reliably removes sharp-edged burrs and slag produced during oxyfuel or plasma cutting.

Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 4000

Deburring with grinding blocks.

Thanks to the transverse moving grinding blocks, the sheet metal part is efficiently deburred from both sides in just a single pass. With this particular setup, the blocks contact the part twice, leaving behind burr-free edges. Thanks to various and easily exchangeable consumables, the module is suitable for processing a wide variety of laser and stamped parts.

Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 3000

Deburring with the grinding belt.

Remove stubborn burrs quickly and efficiently with the grinding belt. Thanks to a selection of quick-change abrasives, sharp burrs on your parts are now a thing of the past.

Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 1000

Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 6000

Deslagging with pins.

Large slag stands no chance against the “ARKU slag hammer”. The pins are arranged on rotating discs that easily knock off the slag adhering to the part. This slag is usually created on the underside of the parts during plasma or oxyfuel cutting.

Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 5000

Edge rounding with rounding blocks.

After deburring, the parts still tend to have sharp edges. For optimal downstream processing and increased quality for your sheet metal, the parts are rounded in the ARKU machines after deburring. Thanks to the transverse moving blocks, rounding takes place on both sides, quickly and efficiently in just a single pass. For specific processing requirements, a variety of quickly and easily exchangeable consumables can be used.

Edge rounding with rotary brushes.

When edge rounding with the rotary brushes, eight of them are opposite of each other and rotate in opposite directions. These brushes process large and small punched as well as laser cut parts and ensure an optimal result: uniformly rounded edges. On inner and outer contours. Up to a 2 mm radius.


Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 6000

Edge rounding with the rounding disc.

Even smaller laser-cut and punched parts can be processed with the suitable ARKU processing modules: When edge rounding with the rounding disc, the part edges are processed evenly from above. The rounding disc thus ensures a consistent rounding result.

Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 1000

Surface finishing with a finishing belt.

At last, the finishing touches – in the truest sense of the word. The finishing belt is used for an all-around uniform surface finish. Depending on your needs, various abrasives are available to suit your processing requirements.

Suitable machines: EdgeBreaker® 6000

Automatic calibration.

For sheet metal processing, the family of ARKU EdgeBreakers® are indispensable. These machines are usually in constant usage and therefore the consumables wear down in length over time. For consistent quality and easy maintenance of your deburring machine, the EdgeBreakers® are equipped with an auto calibration feature: with the push of a button, the automatic calibration measures the consumable consumption and compensates for it accordingly. Easy to operate and the machine feature thus also serves to prevent damages. Furthermore, it ensure simple thickness adjustments are done accurately to achieve consistent results without any errors.

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