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Whether thin sheet, heavy plate, small or large burrs - here is the place to find the perfect deburring machine for your sheet metal processing requirements. Are you looking for a solution that offers you optimal sheet metal quality, high process reliability and low unit costs? Let us propose the optimal machine concept for you.

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Superior quality for laser cut and punched parts.

Deburr and edge round your laser cut and punched sheet metal with the Edgebreaker®. Our various models suit different deburring processes and can handle a broad range of materials and dimensions. Learn more about our solutions now!

EdgeBreaker® 6000

EdgeBreaker® 6000

Flexible all-rounder for any type of laser-cut parts. The most versatile of our automated deburring machines for laser job shops.
Material thickness: up to 25 mm (1")

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EdgeBreaker 4000

EdgeBreaker® 4000

The ultimate powerhouse for laser-cut parts with a strong burr.
Material thickness: 0.8 - 100 mm

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EdgeBreaker® 3000

EdgeBreaker® 3000

Powerful workhorse for maximum throughput – deburrs and edge rounds top and bottom in a single pass.
Material thickness: 0.8 - 100 mm (0.03" - 4")

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EdgeBreaker® 2000

EdgeBreaker® 2000

The double-sided edge rounding expert that can also deburr.
Material thickness: 0.8 - 100 mm (0.03" - 4")

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EdgeBreaker® 1000

EdgeBreaker® 1000

Specialist for the economic processing of small parts. Deburring, edge rounding and finishing.
Material thickness: 0.5 - 25 mm (0.02" - 1")

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Batch processor - ideal for 3D parts and enclosures.
Material thickness: 0.5 - 50 mm (0.02" - 1.97")

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Deburring of flame cut parts.

Our deburring machines for flame-cut parts are unique on the market and famous for their robust design. Oxyfuel cut or plasma cut parts with slag or burrs of more than three millimeters thickness - no problem for our Edgebreakers 5000 and 4000. Benefit from extreme performance.



EdgeBreaker® 4000

The ultimate powerhouse for flame-cut parts featuring a heavy-duty grinding drum.
Material thickness: 0.8 - 100 mm

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EdgeBreaker® 5000

EdgeBreaker® 5000

Specialist for slag and dross removal.
Material thickness: 5.0 - 125 mm

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EdgeBreaker Line-9000

EdgeBreaker® 9000

Our super power for your plasma and oxyfuel parts.

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Your ARKU deburring machine advantages:

Zeit und

Processing of both sides in just a single pass saves time and up to 50% of deburring costs.

Langes Ausprobieren

Long trial and error was yesterday. The ARKU Wizard adjusts your machine settings automatically.

Kurze Rüstzeiten

No downtime thanks to the unqiue quick-change systems for deburring tools.

Zuverlässige Bearbeitung

Reliable processing of your parts thanks to the automatic deburring tool calibration.

Areas of application

Deburring machines remove burrs from the parts, and thus contribute greatly to the efficient operation of downstream processes. In order to reliably produce high-quality parts, deburring the edges is indispensable in today’s sheet metal processing environment. ARKU deburring machines offer you an extensive performance spectrum. Besides single-sided or double-sided deburring, this also includes edge rounding, deslagging, surface finishing, oxide removal and so much more. Our machines can be utilized to process flame-cut (oxyfuel), plasma-cut, laser cut and punch-cut parts.

Deburring of punched and laser-cut parts.

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Deburring of plasma and flame-cut parts.

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The EdgeBreaker® processing modules.

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Integration and Automation.

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Process-reliable, double-sided deburring of flat sheet metal at GER4TECH.

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Deburring tools from ARKU for the perfect results.

The interaction of deburring machine and deburring tools is crucial for fast and economic sheet metal processing. Discover our offers!

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Tailor-made tools and spare parts for your deburring machines.

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