Our standard - optimally integrated for your manufacturing environment.

The combination of various deburring machines or processes can be explored when giving us tasks outside of the standard solutions. We can also take care of all the automation and integration of different machines. This is the case with existing or new metal processing lines & systems. The combination "deburring and leveling" is already available as a turnkey product from ARKU. This allows you to focus on your tasks while we tailor the optimal solution for you!


  • Deburring and leveling from one single source
  • Project management by ARKU
  • Low unit costs due to optimized "Sheet metal process chain"

The optimal combination: the EdgeBreaker®, FlatMaster® and FlatJack®.

Already a success at our customers: a tripple machine combination consisting of the EdgeBreaker® 2000 deburring machine, a FlatMaster® 55 precision leveler and a fully automatic FlatJack® flatness control system. ARKU thus covers all essential steps of material prepertation in one single processing line and is fully prepared for industry 4.0.

ARKUs‘ triple machine power.

ARKUs‘ triple machine power.

Covers all steps from leveling to automatic flatness control: a triple chained line consisting of the EdgeBreaker® 2000, the FlatMaster® 55 and the FlatJack®.

Integration and Automation

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Christian Nau

Christian Nau
Sales Leveling and Deburring
T: +49 7221 5009-816



Thomas Weinfurtner
Sales Manager Deburring
T: +49 7221 5009-477


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