Leveling + deburring in focus.

Immerse yourself in the world of leveling and deburring. Be inspired by our leveling and deburring technology and take the opportunity to network. Of course, you can also bring your own sheet metal parts this year to test our different machines for yourself. 
We are looking forward to your visit!


  • NEW: How to deburr laser cut parts with the new EdgeBreaker® 3000 NEXT.  
    Experience the latest generation of deburring machines for laser cut parts.
  • NEW: Powerful deburring of flame cut parts.
    The EdgeBreaker® 9000 Line removes slag/burrs and rounds the edges on both sides in just a single pass. Without the need to flip over heavy parts.
  • Give your machine operator magical powers.
    Thanks to the ARKU Wizard, you can ensure the optimal processing adjustments for your machine - simply with the touch of a button.
  • Welcome to the future.
    Leveling and deburring is becoming increasingly autonomous. Discover your possibilities with ARKU.
  • Discover our coil-fed laser blanking lines for laser cutting companies.
    See how efficiently blanks can be cut directly from coil for laser cutting companies and find out about the advantages of coil-fed laser blanking lines.
  • The proof is in the pudding
    Bring your own parts and we will show you how we can achieve the best possible results.




Deburring machine EdgeBreaker® 3000 NEXT

NEW: Discover the new deburring machine EdgeBreaker® 3000 NEXT.

Deburr and edge round your sheet metal parts after laser cutting or punching with the EdgeBreaker® 3000 NEXT. Double-sided and in just a single pass. This generation is even easier to operate and maintain. With the EdgeBreaker® 3000 NEXT you work more cost-effectively, sustainably and efficiently.

Flame-cut parts before and after deburring

NEW: More throughput. Less effort. Reproducible results.

The EdgeBreaker® 9000 Line takes care of the complete processing of your flame cut parts after plasma cutting in just a single pass:

  • Removing slag
  • Deburring
  • Rounding edges

See the benefits of this new system for flame cutters for yourself in person.

EdgeBreaker®  6000 - Wizard

Always the right machine setting.

Learn magic with our new software. The ARKU Wizard automatically recommends the ideal processing adjustment for your deburring machine with just a simple push of a button. 

Experience this magic first hand at our InfoDays. Test this new feature for yourself on our EdgeBreaker® 6000 deburring machine and be amazed.


TRUMPF ARKU-Coil-fed laser blanking line

Coil processing especially for laser cutting operations.

Laser cutting companies can save material costs with a coil system for the production of blanks. We will be presenting an example of this coil line at the InfoDays.
You can also find out more about laser cutting directly from coil. TRUMPF and ARKU have developed a new coil-fed laser blanking line with which you can save up to 30 percent on material costs.

Handling robot lifts part onto conveyor belt of leveler.

The future is now. 

Automation is becoming increasingly important - also in the sheet metal processing industry. We implement the latest technology to bring machine and human together. Best of all: our robot is ready to use without programming.

Discover your automation possibilities during our InfoDays. We will gladly advise you.

Location Bühl ARKU

Visit our new production facility.

In our new production hall, we set our machines in motion. We invite you on a exclusive tour of this new facility during our InfoDays and answer all your questions.   

Laser part before and after deburring

Have your parts processed on-site.

Bring your parts and we will show you how we can achieve the best results together. This way you can experience live and in person what quality our machines can achieve for your parts. Experience the performance of our machines for yourself and give your metal that special polish it deserves!

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