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Focus on Coil lines

From April 22 to 26, 2024, the ARKU InfoDays attracted numerous visitors from Germany and abroad to Baden-Baden to experience the latest advances in the fields of leveling and deburring. In addition to the ARKU leveling and deburring machines, this year's focus was on the ARKU coil lines.
Visitors were able to experience various coil lines for press feeding and roll forming up close, which were presented in the assembly hall. From cutting systems that produce customized blanks for sheet metal processors to state-of-the-art coil laser systems. The differences in the systems can be seen, for example, in the cross-sections to be processed, the required straightening results or the degree of automation.

ARKU also presented a new deburring machine for laser cutting companies: the EdgeBreaker® 3000 NEXT. This machine deburrs and rounds laser cut parts on both sides in just a single pass. External windows allow the deburring process to be monitored visibly, all while keeping maintenance and cleaning simple for the operator. Those who tend to work with thicker parts & plates can look forward to the EdgeBreaker® 9000 LINE. This deburring system enables fully automated processing of your flame cut or plasma cut parts. The EdgeBreaker® 9000 LINE removes slag, deburrs and rounds the edges in just a single pass. The parts only have to be loaded into the machine once; turning is no longer necessary due to the double-sided processing. This takes a ton of manual work off the operator and reduces throughput times by over 50 percent by linking all three processes in a single line. 

The special feature of the event was that visitors had the opportunity to bring their own sheet metal parts for testing on the deburring and leveling machines. This allowed them to experience the functionality of the machines and the processing quality directly on-site. Individual requirements were discussed in order to find customized solutions.

The ARKU InfoDays were characterized not only by professional expertise that was provided by ARKU, but also by the lively atmosphere and the opportunity to explore the latest industry trends and make valuable contacts.

Did you not manage to visit us at the InfoDays in Baden-Baden?

Then we look forward to your visit to our leveling and deburring center. You are more than welcome to bring your own parts with you. We will level and/or deburr your parts with our machines. This is the best way to experience the quality of ARKU sheet metal processing firsthand.

We are already looking forward to your visit!


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