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Baden-Baden, Germany - ARKU Maschinenbau has now been offering contract leveling for 15 years and contract deburring for 10 years. Yet this business area started out small: “At the beginning, the department did not even have its own machinery. Instead, it leveled sheet metal parts on customer machines,” reports Alexander Enke, the Application Egineer and Sales Manager responsible for the leveling and deburring center.

Engineer and Sales Manager responsible for the leveling and deburring center.Enke took on the management role in 2011, at that time with two employees. “We have always looked for ways to solve even difficult customer jobs,” he explains. The success proves him right: Ten employees are now permanently assigned to the leveling and deburring center. Additional colleagues are drawn from other departments when numerous orders come in and the leveling and deburring center has to work multiple shifts. The range of machines has grown steadily and all of the machines are state-of-the-art. In addition to jobs for external customers, the leveling and deburring center also carries out trials for potential customers. “These trials often run parallel to the contract work. Contract orders with large quantities are handled during the late shift and night shift,” explains Enke. 


Alexander Enke inspecting results

Alexander Enke, Application Engineer and Sales Manager for the leveling and deburring center, takes a close look at the final result after leveling. 

Leveling and Deburring Center in Baden-Baden, Germany
At our leveling and deburring center in Baden-Baden, we level and deburr parts and plates which are up to 2 meters wide and 50 mm thick

The contract customers now come from every conceivable industry and also from great distances: The radius extends more than 500 km, including northern and eastern Germany, northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Alsace. “Customers choose us because our contract leveling and deburring is a unique combination, “says Enke. When customers are satisfied with the services, they often ultimately purchase ARKU machines.


Leveling Center at ARKU

Metal Leveling & Deburring Services

In the ARKU levelling and deburring centres, you receive contract services from specialists. Benefit from the latest machinery and careful final inspections.


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