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Coil laser systems combine advantages of coil and laser

The question of whether to opt for laser cutting of sheet metal blanks or stamping from a coil has divided the sheet metal industry. However, users no longer need to make this decision, thanks to Coil-Fed Laser Blanking Lines. These lines offer a variety of the benefits associated with both coil and laser processing.

When dealing with large quantities, sheet metal processors commonly turn to coil materials. This practice is prevalent in stamping operations for industries like automotive and household appliances. The rationale behind this choice is that working from coils results in the lowest unit costs for high volumes. Coil materials are cost-effective, and processing can occur without interruptions.

On the flip side, many sheet metal processors prioritize flexibility and smaller batch sizes, favoring the use of lasers. These companies work with blanks—standardized sheet metal panels that facilitate transport, trade, and storage. Opting for blanks allows sheet metal fabricators to purchase smaller material quantities compared to coils.

However, blanks have a drawback: their standardized dimensions can complicate the optimal arrangement of components on the sheet. Cutting from a coil enables precise customization of the required amount. With blanks, there's a higher likelihood of producing remnants, which incur additional costs because of leftover material.

The combination of coil and laser processing represents the joint response of TRUMPF and ARKU to the challenges posed by sheet metal fabrication. The shift towards smaller, more flexible batch sizes has driven the development of this approach. Laser operations currently based on blank processing can leverage the coil advantage when faced with escalating quantities.

As lasers continue to operate at ever-increasing speeds and product changes become more frequent, laser cutting from coils becomes intriguing for medium batch sizes. Laser cutting systems fed with coil material can yield up to 30 percent savings in material costs for specific components. Integrated precision and high-performance levelers from ARKU ensure process reliability and flat surfaces. Moreover, the flexibility of laser usage translates into reduced tool costs. Investment costs for a Coil-Fed Laser Blanking Line are also kept reasonable, with no need for foundations and a loop pit. Additionally, the space requirement is lower compared to solely coil-based production.

The combination of high output and remarkable flexibility contributes to decreased unit costs in this specialized field, underscoring the advantages of the new Coil-Fed Laser Blanking Line. "The applications in this domain are set to expand," asserts Johannes Decker, International Sales Manager for Strip Processing Lines at ARKU.

Equipped with an ARKU precision leveler, the ARKU coil line and TRUMPF laser cutting cell to create an all-inclusive turnkey system with distinct benefits for customers. Visitors to the Blechexpo 2023 trade fair in Stuttgart can also find out about this for themselves at the ARKU booth (Hall 1, Booth 1001).

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