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Automation for sheet metal processing: ARKU invites to the InfoDays 2023

Information and networking revolving around the topics of leveling and deburring are the focus of the ARKU Maschinenbau InfoDays. From May 8th – 12th 2023, interested parties can see the new products and innovations for themselves in Baden-Baden.

The highlight of the Leveling and Deburring InfoDays 2023 is the new machine combination; the EdgeBreaker® 9000 Line. This combination of the EdgeBreaker® 5000 slag hammer with the EdgeBreaker® 4000 deburring machine, handles the complete processing of flame and plasma-cut parts in just a single pass. This eliminates the need to reload the parts between slag removal and deburring. Since the two machines can be controlled centrally with the press of a single button, only one operator is required. Each of the two machines in the EdgeBreaker® 9000 Line is equipped with the ARKU Connect. This allows other units such as blasting systems, precision levelers or robotic handling solutions to be interlinked effortlessly. At the Leveling + Deburring InfoDays 2023, visitors can experience the two linked EdgeBreaker® machines live in action.

EdgeBreaker® with Wizard software continues to impress
The new deburring machine for punched and laser-cut parts, the EdgeBreaker® 6000, is also on display again. ARKU has designed this machine to be very flexible when it comes to various processing requirements. It is particularly suitable for laser job shops who process a wide range of parts. Together with the Wizard software, less experienced employees can easily work with the machine. The Wizard uses four parameters to select the best suited tools from the available library. It also calculates the optimal throughput speed on its own. This way, the EdgeBreaker® 6000 works with maximum productivity and the deburring tools do not wear out too quickly. The customers using this feature are certainly impressed: "We see a stronger desire for deburred sheets across all industries. This is an advantage for us because we can offer the option at any time," reports Johannes Hemmer, Plant Manager at TMS Metall- und Stahlbau S.A. in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg. 
At the InfoDays 2023, visitors can also learn more about the interaction of the machine and the actual tools utilized during processing. There will also be time and opportunity for advice on individual applications as well as testing of sample parts brought by the visitors.
EdgeBreaker 6000

Making leveling processes more efficient thanks to a robot
Of course, the topic of leveling is also a part of the InfoDays. This year, ARKU is focusing on the automation of these processes. Mainly because an activity like loading and unloading a precision leveler has many repetitions and is very well suited for robots. Additional technology increases productivity even more. Visitors to Baden-Baden will learn how man and machine work together optimally and why ARKU's robots do not need programming. Here, ARKU will show the interaction of the FlatMaster® 88 precision leveler, FlatJack® flatness control system and the EasyBot® vision robot.

Leveling is not only important for sheet metal parts, but also when working with coil. For sheet metal workers, ARKU has developed a new coil-fed laser blanking system together with TRUMPF. This allows for complete flexibility when it comes to producing medium batch sizes directly from coil. Compared to blanks, cutting parts from the coil via a laser saves a lot of waste. In addition, coil-fed laser blanking systems offer higher throughput than traditional laser cutting machines. Both factors reduce the cost per part even for medium batch sizes. That's why ARKU also has interesting information about coil-fed laser blanking systems available at the InfoDays.
The guests can finish off their visit to Baden-Baden with a trip to Bühl: The location of ARKU's new production facility. There, customers can see for themselves the new assembly line for deburring machines and the assembly of precision levelers. With this facility, ARKU has increased its production and storage area by 50 %.

Students and trainees at ARKU show off their skills
The future employees of ARKU will also present themselves with their own demonstration area during the InfoDays. Among other things, they will showcase how very specific small parts can be deburred with the EdgeBreaker® 6000. In addition, the students and trainees will present other projects that they were able to transfer into reality totally on their own.  
Rotorbürste EdgeBreaker 6000
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