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Architectural facade panels for Manhattan from Baden-Baden

The factory hall is filled with the smell of machine oil and the constant humming of precision machines. The ultra-modern precision levelers at ARKU Maschinenbau GmbH in Baden-Baden are true masterpieces of precision engineering. Each processing step is carefully controlled by a robot arm that feeds the up to 60 mm thick steel plates into the machines. Company owner Albert Reiss aptly describes the process as an art of "ironing the material flat", in which the material becomes perfectly flat and stress-free without the use of heat. Each individual part, sheet & plate undergoes meticulous processing in order to achieve quality and precision that meets the highest standard.


Image shown above: The copper sheets for the facades of the JP Morgan Chase skyscraper at the ARKU leveling and deburring center in Baden-Baden.

One particularly outstanding project in which ARKU was recently involved was the processing (leveling) of copper sheets for the new headquarters of JP Morgan Chase in Manhattan, NY. These copper sheets were to serve as architectural elements in the form of facade parts for the imposing new skyscraper. Albert Reiss explains why precisely flattened sheets are important for the facades, stating that any unevenness would be easily visible in the direct sun and ruin the aesthetics of the building. Thanks to ARKU's expertise, all flatness imperfections were removed from the copper sheets to ensure an aesthetically flawless appearance.

jp-morgan-chase-skyscraper-1    jp-morgan-chase-1

Image shown above: View of the facade of the new JP Morgan Chase headquarters in Manhattan, NY.

As a hidden champion outside its own industry, ARKU is a true specialist when it comes to putting the finishing touches to sheet metal, parts and plates before further processing. The machines are assembled in Baden-Baden & Bühl, Germany and are suitable for an extremely wide array of materials, thicknesses & widths. ARKU demonstrates its international presence and innovation strength by having full subsidiaries for sales, toll processing & service in Cincinnati (USA) and Kunshan (China).

Since 2015, ARKU has also been offering deburring machines, which are indispensable for rounded edges that not only improve paint adhesion but also increases safety. The continuous development and perfection of technologies make ARKU an indispensable partner for companies all over the world.

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