Autonomous deburring: We place a robot by the machine…

ARKU presents an autonomous production line for the deburring of flame-cut parts with a vision-robot and highly efficient deburring technology:

  • Provide your metal parts up to 220 lbs (100 kg) by the machine
  • The vision-robot recognizes your parts through a camera system
  • Setup in 2 minutes: Your parts are automatically fed to the deburring machine via the robot - without programming and only 2 minutes after providing the parts
  • After the slag is removed via the slag hammer (EdgeBreaker® 5000), your metal parts are deburred and rounding with the EdgeBreaker® 4000
  • Automatic stacking of your parts via the robot

… and show you the most universal deburring machine for laser-cut parts.

The EdgeBreaker® 6000 edge rounds and deburrs a wide range of sheet metal parts. Test its performance with your sheet metal parts.

  • Minimal part size (2 x 2 inches) 50 x 50 mm
  • Uniform rounding results on all edges
  • Rounding up to 2.0 mm possible
  • Surface finish as required
  • Intuitive user interface (touch)

Learn everything revolving around leveling with the ARKU precision levelers. True to the goal of making your sheet metal processing chain even more efficient. Experience the ARKU machine power up close in the leveling center* and benefit from individual advice from our experts - gladly with your own parts as well.

*Completely automated processing systems including our visition-robot can be demonstrated via a virtual tour of our headquarters in Germany. Locally we can also show you our lineup of deburring machines (EdgeBreaker®) and precision levelers (EcoMaster® & FlatMaster®) at our location in Cincinnati, OH.

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Denis Weinfurtner

Denis Weinfurtner
North American Marketing Manager

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