Efficient: feeding and leveling, simultaneously.

A high-performance feeding line is essential in order to utilize your stamping line to its fullest potential. For many types of sheet metal processing, the leveling and feeding processes can be integrated into a single machine.

ARKU press feeding lines are distinguished by their short set up times and high system availability. They stand for high economical use throughout their entire service life and can be integrated into the pressing lines of all manufacturers.

Compact-form feeding lines.

ARKU has had a major influence on the development of the compact design with its CompactFeed® feeder-levelers.

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Long-form feeding lines.

For high speeds and continuous leveling: ARKU EcoLine® long-design feeding lines. For greater process reliability: ARKU feeding lines for servo-presses.

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Individual components.

Our feeder and decoiler solutions can be integrated into feeding lines. For even more efficiency.

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