Contract deburring: The best alternative to your deburring machine


Contract deburring: The best alternative to your deburring machine

The customer needs deburred parts - but there is simply no space for another machine on the shop floor. Fortunately, there is a possibility to meet customer’s needs.

Some production halls are cramped. Every single square meter is required for machines, logistics and material, so there is no space to set up another machine. In the times of the pandemic with the supply chain under stress, the investment budgets look just as tight. Finally, there is also the need for employees to operate the other machine. In addition, the shortage of skilled workers is getting worse.

If, despite all that, the customer insists on perfectly deburred sheet metal parts, you will not be condemned to manual work. In order to meet customer requirements, owning a deburring machine is not essential: A contract deburrer can do the deburring, edge rounding, removal of the oxide layer and, if necessary, also the surface finish for you.

Deburring as a contract service can save you tons of time and money

ARKU as a machine builder also offers contract deburring in its Leveling and Deburring Center. The experts in Baden-Baden respond quickly, and immediately understand your sheet metal edge requirements. Since deburring often involves a look and feel assessment, ARKU offers deburring tests free of charge. The customer is always invited to witness the tests in person. Alternatively, we can conduct the testing through live video chat as well.

The advantages of contract deburring for you as a customer go far beyond the saved expenses for a machine. At the Leveling and Deburring Center, ARKU ensures that the deburring quality is always the same. We also have a very large portfolio of deburring machines for a wide variety of requirements available. As a customer, you are more than welcome to test the different machines during the tests and be actively involved in the tests. This offers you the opportunity to see different machine results and find the best machine. The same is true for the deburring tools.


Contract deburring may also pay off, if you have your own deburring machine

Although you may already have a deburring machine in your company, it can be worthwhile to contract a deburrer from time to time. If a workpiece is too thick, too large or too small for your own machine, the Leveling and Deburring Center can take on this task. All quantities, from individual parts to large series, are possible. In no time, your parts will be returned, and you can accept new orders. Owning a deburring machine should never become a bottleneck in your process chain, because you can always deburr on a contract basis, when necessary.

Of course, every workpiece could also be deburred by hand. But working with angle grinders is tedious, time-consuming and thus expensive. It has been estimated that a deburring machine deburrs as much as four employees can do by hand. Thus: Stay away from manual work! Contract deburring is always cheaper.


Contract deburring also guarantees quality

On top of that, the machine works reliably and with repeat accuracy. The quality with contract deburring also beats manual work. You can easily achieve the quality at the Leveling and Deburring Center that your customer requires. No matter whether the deburring machine is in your own shop or not - you will always be able to deliver metal sheets with perfect edges to your customers.

By the way: Just as the name Leveling and Deburring Center implies, you can also have your sheet metal leveled at ARKU. This means that in terms of sheet metal processing, you are getting both quality processes delivered professionally from a single source.


Contract leveling and deburring

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