Ecological production with ARKU.

ARKU is an official partner of the Blue Competence® Initiative and thus, fulfills clearly defined sustainability criteria and standards. We have been consistently following this course for years. For example, this is reflected by our EcoPlan® and FlatMaster®:

EcoPlan®: Energy-efficient drive system for machines and lines

In 2000, the patented EcoPlan® drive system was introduced for coil levelers. Since then, ARKU has consistently continued to develop the machines and equipment to achieve greater performance and energy efficiency.

FlatMaster®: Energy savings with performance-controlled hydraulic pumps

In the past, hydraulic levelers constantly operated at full hydraulic pressure after being switched on. However, this is not energy efficient given that the systems are not in permanent use.

That is why ARKU utilizes performance-controlled hydraulic pumps in its FlatMaster®-series. The pumps only require full power during the leveling process. During standby times, the performance is reduced, thereby saving energy.

A clever innovation that pays off: in comparison to levelers with uncontrolled hydraulic pumps, the FlatMaster®saves up to 60,000 kWh energy per year. This represents CO2-savings of 36 t.

What is Blue Competence®?

Blue Competence® offers good and reliable orientation when selecting companies that produce sustainable solutions and products.

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