The all-rounder.

The EdgeBreaker® 6000 versatile deburring machine is specifically designed for the complete processing of materials after punching and laser cutting. This includes deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing. The distinctive rotary brush system ensures a uniform edge rounding result and a radius of up to 2 mm. Thanks to the vacuum belt, even small parts can be processed. With the grinding belt, rotary brushes and finishing belt, the EdgeBreaker® 6000 deburr machine is the most versatile deburring machine in the family of EdgeBreakers®.


  • Application versatility
    The EdgeBreaker® 6000 is capable of processing a broad range of part sizes. From small to large parts, punched or laser cut - this machine is capable of processing your entire range of parts. Surface finishing required as well? No problem. This is the best all-around machine for a fabricator who want to be prepared for the requirements of tomorrow.
  • Unmatched rounding up to 2 mm
    The most distinctive unit in the EdgeBreaker® 6000 is the rotary brush system. It can achieve a unique rounding result along the edges. The brushes rotate in alternating directions, so you can achieve a consistent result on the inner and outer contours of your parts. If necessary, a radius up to 2 mm is possible.
  • AI-assisted machine adjustment for best processing results
    The ARKU Wizard is an intelligent software that automatically adjusts the processing settings of the EdgeBreaker® 6000 to achieve the best final results. This means operators no longer have to figure out the ideal processing for sheet metal via trial and error.
  • User-friendly
    The touchscreen HMI is truly intuitive. This feature enables even new operators to quickly and easily setup the machine. It can even give you guidance on operating and maintenance. For efficient processing and minimal operator error.
  • Quick changing of abrasive media
    The EdgeBreaker® 6000 was designed with the goal of keeping downtime to a minimum. All abrasive media of the various processing units can easily be changed, and the inside of the machine is purposefully accessible for faster routine cleanings and maintenance.
  • Automatic wear compensation
    For consistent results, it’s important to know the remaining length of the abrasive media. This is crucial to producing repeatable, high-quality parts. The EdgeBreaker® 6000 measures the remaining length of the abrasive media and automatically compensates for the wear, further minimizing operator error.

Technical Data.

Processing: single-sided, dry

Material thickness: up to 25 mm

Max. working width: 1300 mm

Weight: approx. 6.500 kg

Dimensions: 2100 x 4200 x 2350 mm

Der EdgeBreaker® 6000
Aluminium davor - danach
EdgeBreaker® 6000

Always the ideal processing settings
– with the ARKU Wizard

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Your operator turns into a magician

The ARKU Wizard is an intelligent software that helps its operators to automatically adjust the processing settings of their deburring machine. During the process, the material, tool and machine data are linked together. Only four parameters (material, size of burrs, material thickness, desired edge rounding) need to be entered. The tools available to the operator are stored in the Wizard. The software automatically selects the best deburring tool for the particular processing requirement(s). In doing so, the Wizard always optimally adjusts the deburring machine to achieve maximum productivity and minimal tool wear. In this way, operators can be sure of achieving the desired processing results with minimum effort and no time wasted.

 Video: EdgeBreaker® 6000. The universal deburring machine.

Processing modules for your requirements.

For the highest quality, employee safety as well as individual and custom solutions that fit your requirements – ARKU has developed various modules for processing sheet metal. The rotary brushes in the EdgeBreaker® 6000 leave sharp edges no chance. Eight opposing brushes rotate to ensure optimum rounding up to a 2 mm radius.

Edge rounding with rotary brushes.

Surface finishing with the finishing belt.

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