FlatJack® tests parts for flatness.

Faster and more precise measuring with the FlatJack® – our automatic flatness control system fitted directly onto the leveler. Your system for efficient and user-independent flatness testing.

Save time and costs – FlatJack®

Flat and stress-reduced parts are essential for automated sheet metal processing. Until now, precise flatness measurement has depended on the employees' competence and was a task that demanded extensive time and experience. Heavy plasma-cut parts require extensive positioning in order to obtain precise measurements. The FlatJack® flatness control system enables you to monitor the flatness of your parts efficiently and independent of the user.

  • Precise flatness data, available at any time. The FlatJack® can measure with a precision down to tenths of a millimeter, depending on your needs.
  • The automatic flatness testing unit is integrated directly onto the machine and is user-independent.
  • By reducing secondary activities during the leveling process, the system enhances your efficiency.

The perfect combination: FlatJack® and FlatMaster®

The FlatJack® can be integrated directly onto the inlet rollers on the FlatMaster® precision leveler. This enables you to automatically test the flatness of your stamped, laser-cut and plasma-cut parts, independent of the user. The flatness is measured down to the tenths of a millimeter and recorded exactly in the FlatMaster® control system, where the measurements can be viewed at any time. The measurement process fulfills the requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO 12781.

Award-winning innovation.

ARKU won the EuroBLECH Innovation Award for the FlatJack® in the Measuring and Testing Technology category at the EuroBLECH 2016.

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Did you know?

We also process your parts at our Leveling and Deburring Center. In small quantities for testing or as contract work – economical and efficient.

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The perfect combination.

Precise and user-independent testing: integrate the FlatJack® onto your FlatMaster®. Our automatic flatness testing is integrated directly onto the machine.