Levelers: Perfection for every part.

Enhance your production efficiency: ARKU levelers ensure flat metal sheets and parts with reduced internal stresses – for parts as thin as 0.1 mm up to a max thickness of 60 mm! Your benefit: immediate processing instead of time-consuming reworking.

Reproducible flatness. Always.

Our precision levelers are extremely precise and deliver consistently excellent results. Enormous added value: they save time and minimize both scrap and time wasted on rework.

Check out this video and see for yourself how our customers use ARKU straigtheners in their day-to-day flattening operations to gain a competitive advantage.


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We also integrate levelers into turnkey press feeding lines, cut-to-length lines and coil preparation systems for roll forming lines.

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Modern and powerful. Our machines.

ARKU provides a complete range of high performance levelers: from precision levelers for metal parts, sheets, and plates to high performance coil straighteners capable of processing AHSS materials.

Our EcoMaster® series of precision levelers ensures that even the smallest metal parts and sheets are perfectly flat. Thicker parts require our powerful FlatMaster®. In contrast, our PlateMaster® is the perfect machine for sheet metal parts and plates with a large surface area.

The FlatJack® enables you to rapidly and precisely measure and check the flatness of parts on the leveler itself with a precision in the tenth of a millimeter range.

Find out more about our precision levelers and obtain information about financing options.


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Faster and more precise measuring with the FlatJack® – our automatic flatness control system mounted directly onto the leveler. Your system for efficient and user-independent flatness testing.

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Machines under attractive conditions: Would you like to purchase, rent or lease one of our machines? Simply request your tailored offer. With our financing service.

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Success stories.

"Essentially, every metalworking company should own a parts leveler, because this significantly simplifies the processing.” - Anton Prüfling, Managing Director at Quadrus. More about customers’ successful use of our levelers:

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Why leveling?

Internal stresses and unevenness adversely affect your parts and sheets during subsequent processing. Find out what happens when unleveled parts are processed and why leveling is so important.

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