EdgeBreaker® 2000/2000 Plus: for small burrs.

Deburr and edge round punched and laser-cut parts on both sides with the EdgeBreaker® 2000 and 2000 Plus. Specifically designed to meet your quality, cost and scheduling requirements.

Perfectly prepare punched and laser-cut parts for further processing.

The EdgeBreaker® 2000 and EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus were developed for the time and cost-efficient double sided edge rounding and deburring of punched and laser-cut parts. For burrs up to two millimeters thick.

  • Rounding and deburring on both sides for material up to 25 mm thick
  • Lower costs due to reduced tool wear
  • Broad material spectrum: steel, titanium, stainless steel, copper
Perfect surfaces: part before (r.) and after (l.) double sided processing with the EdgeBreaker® 2000.

”Our products continue to fulfil our customers' quality requirements. In addition, the EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus deburring machine is the perfect complement to the EdgeRacer® and expands our range of deburring services.”

- Henrik G. Nielsen, Operations Manager at Bogballe A/S


EdgeBreaker® 2000 and 2000 Plus.

The EdgeBreaker® deburring and edge rounding machine combines maximum precision and speed with easy operation and high efficiency:

  • EdgeBreaker® 2000: for rounding on both sides
  • EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus: for deburring and rounding on both sides

The optimum combination: the EdgeBreaker®, FlatMaster® and FlatJack®.

Already a success at one of our customers: a tripple machine combination consisting of the EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus, a FlatMaster® 55 80 precision leveler and a FlatJack® automatic flatness tester. Consequently, ARKU covers all of the key material preparation process steps in one line and is prepared for Industry 4.0.

  • ARKUs‘ tripple machine power.

    Covers all steps from straightening to flatness control: a tripple chained line consisting of EdgeBreaker® 2000 Plus, FlatMaster® 55 80 and FlatJack®.

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Hans-Peter Pflüger
Business Area Manager
T: +49 7221 5009-36



Thomas Weinfurtner
Sales Manager Deburring
T: +49 7221 5009-477


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EdgeBreaker® 2000 / 2000 Plus

Success stories.

Quality advantage.
Bogballe A/S relies on the EdgeBreaker® 2000 for better quality and higher throughput when deburring sheet metal parts.

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