Thin parts: reliably remove small burrs.

Edge round and deburr thin parts on both sides: with the deburring and edge rounding machines from ARKU. Benefit from the excellent parts quality ahead of the competition.

Process thin parts quickly and easily.

We have multiple solutions for thin parts, including time and cost-efficient deburring and edge rounding with the EdgeBreaker® 2000 and 2000 Plus. The EdgeRacer® series enables you to process complex and three-dimensional parts. Laser beads and splashes can be removed effortlessly with the EdgeGrinder.

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EdgeBreaker® 2000

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Test and see for yourself!

Try out the EdgeBreaker® and EdgeRacer® series for dry deburring at the ARKU Leveling and Deburring Center in Baden-Baden.
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Business Area Manager
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Thomas Weinfurtner
Sales Manager Deburring
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What our customers say: Which challenges has ARKU overcome with its machines and how was the collaboration?

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