Thick parts: ARKU machine power for large burrs.

Single or double-sided deburring and edge rounding of thick parts with the EdgeBreaker® 4000 and 4000 Plus is now easier and more economical than ever before. For large quantities, diverse materials and large burrs.

The EdgeBreaker® 4000 – ensures high process reliability for large burrs.

Whether oxyfuel or plasma-cut parts: the EdgeBreaker® 4000 can even handle burrs more than three millimeters thick. Using an oscillating grinding drum, the deburring and edge rounding machine quickly and reliably removes burrs and slag from laser-cut, plasma-cut and oxyfuel-cut parts up to 80 mm thick - even with large volumes. For optimum edge processing: Sanding blocks round the edges on both sides.

  • Edge rounding and deburring on both sides for materials up to 80 mm thick
  • Lower costs due to reduced tool wear
  • Broad material spectrum: steel, titanium, stainless steel, copper
  • EdgeBreaker® 4000

    High process reliability for large burrs.

  • Rounded edges, smooth surfaces: flame cut part before (left) and after (right) machining with the EdgeBreaker® 4000.

EdgeBreaker® 4000 and 4000 Plus: for single or double-sided deburring.

Your benefit: high process reliability and part quality far ahead of the competition. The EdgeBreaker® deburring machine combines maximum precision and speed with easy operation and high efficiency.

  • EdgeBreaker® 4000: for single-sided deburring and double-sided rounding.
  • EdgeBreaker® 4000 Plus: for double-sided deburring and rounding.

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”We needed 64 hours on average to manually deburr and edge round approximately 11 tonnes of material. With the EdgeBreaker® deburring machine, we process the same amount of material in 10 hours and with lower abrasives consumption.”

- Simon Straub, Production Manager at Eisen- und Stahlhandel Straub GmbH


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Business Area Manager
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Sales Manager Deburring
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EdgeBreaker® 4000 / 4000 Plus

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Save time and costs while maintaining consistent quality? Instead of angle grinders, ZFE trusts in the EdgeBreaker® 4000 and gains significant benefits.

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