Long form: for high-speed punching.

High-performance feeding even at high speeds: thanks to the ARKU EcoLine® long-form coil lines. Our feeding lines for servo presses also stand for reliable processing.

EcoLine® – for high-speed automatic punches

Designed for high speeds and continuous leveling: ARKU EcoLine® long-form coil lines. With these systems, the leveler is decoupled from the feeder by a loop.

  • For coils weighing up to 10 t and strip thicknesses from 0.8 to 7 mm
  • With lowering loop bridge and narrow strip guide
  • With threading unit

Press feeding line in front of a 630 t servo press.

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Existing ARKU coil lines can also be used with new servo presses. Simply get in touch with us!

We will train you.

Our training enables you to reliably and economically operate your feeding lines to their fullest potential.

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Coil lines for servo presses: greater process reliability.

As the main component of the system, the feeding line is often the bottleneck for the entire system. ARKU coil lines for servo presses with reliable precision levelers and optimized feeding technology ensure process reliability and high system availability.

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