Individual components: Feeding technology.

Developed using extensive experience with successful sheet metal processing companies: the ServoMaster® and PowerMaster® feeder series from ARKU. For all strip cross-sections. Plus our decoiling solutions for rapid coil changes.

Reliable components.

Reliable decoiling technology, high quality precision levelers and dynamic feeders from ARKU guarantee efficiency for the entire production system.

ARKU ServoMaster®: for material cross-sections up to 1500 mm².

The ServoMaster® series is specifically designed for applications with material cross-sections of up to 1500 mm². The systems are distinguished by their high availability and reliability.

When operated in multiple shifts, the roller feeders achieve a technical availability of 95to 98%. All of the important components are easily accessible for maintenance and inspections.


Our roller feeders can be adapted to your individual needs through optional automation levels. Simply get in touch with us!

ARKU PowerMaster®: for material cross-sections exceeding 1500 mm².

The PowerMaster® series is used for material cross-sections above 1500mm². The mechanical and electrical interfaces for all common press manufacturers are precisely defined. This minimizes the amount of work required to resolve the integration and electrical installation.

Roller feeders for servo presses.

High-performance feeding technology is essential in order to use servo presses to their full potential. Our TopStroke® package is the cost-effective retrofitting option for roller feeders, making them ready for servo press applications.

Decoiler solutions: TwinShuttle® and double-end decoiler.

Successfully used by leading roll formers: the TwinShuttle® automated threading unit from ARKU – for rapid coil changes.

Pays off for coil durations less than two hours: our double-end decoiler. Upon reaching the end of the strip, the decoiler rotates and this process replaces the loading procedure. The changeover takes 30 seconds.

With the double-end decoiler, TwinShuttle® and our Weldomatic® coil end welder, the operator only has to perform the coil loading. Numerous customers successfully use our automated coil change concept.

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