Coil end welding: efficiently change coils.

Reduces downtimes by up to 20 minutes: the Weldomatic® coil end welder from ARKU. Automatically welds the old strip to the new when changing coils. For material thicknesses from 0.5 to 6 mm.

Rapid coil changes with the Weldomatic®.

Shorter downtimes with the Weldomatic® coil end welder from ARKU. Preparing the end of the coil and threading the new coil often creates long production downtimes when changing coils.

  • Greater efficiency thanks to coil-related downtimes of under two minutes
  • Less material usage: savings of up to 400%
  • For diverse panel thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 6 mm
Automatically welding the coil end to the start of the next coil reduces down times.

Your potential savings.

We are happy to calculate your system’s specific savings potential. Get in touch with our contact Johannes Decker.

Innovative welding technology.

The Weldomatic® automatically welds the old coil to the new coil when changing coils. Automated coil end welding can save up to 20 minutes, especially for complex systems with pre-punching operations. This enables coil change times of only 90 seconds. Because there is no need to punch the new coil, the Weldomatic® can also achieve material savings of up to 400%.

High flexibility.

The Weldomatic® reliably welds coils made of steel, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and copper alloys. The modular design of the welding technology enables conversion or retrofitting for different welding techniques at any time. In addition, Weldomatic® coil end welders can also be integrated into every coil system, regardless of the manufacturer.

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The strategic partnership with Dreistern – the market leader for roll-forming lines – makes us an even more effective team for all roll-forming applications.

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