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News, Company | 2017-07-19

Leveling for successful downstream processes

Nový Hrozenkov, Czech Republic – As one of the region´s leading sheet metal experts, Zamet spol. s.r.o. is well-known for high quality steel and short lead times. Since 1994, the company manufactures sturdy sheet metal and subassemblies for the construction, rail and agricultural industries. Backed by the latest laser and plasma cutting, bending and welding equipment, machining and painting processes, Zamet serves customers across the Central European market. “Smooth processes are key to meeting the requirements of our large customer base and to ultimately expand it”, says Monika Krenkova, Sales Manager at Zamet. To further increase process efficiency, Zamet opted for an automated leveler. The FlatMaster® 88 160 from ARKU proved to be the right choice in many respects.

Increased quality and speed

Leveled parts are essential to Zamet’s high-grade products, as they ensure enhanced bending and welding processes. For many years, Zamet relied on the same hydraulic presses to carry out both leveling and bending operations. “In order to speed up the leveling process and optimize sheet metal tolerances for bending and welding, we decided to ramp up our leveling capacities,” Monika Krenkova emphasizes.

Zamet had heard about ARKU’s FlatMaster® before, so the company decided to contact the German leveling expert. Following tests with complex parts in the leveling and deburring center in Baden-Baden, Zamet decided on a FlatMaster® 88 160. Since the installation in 2015, the Czech company has sped up leveling operations by 50 percent. The stand-alone leveler has also increased capacities on the hydraulic presses. Hence, Zamet can handle 20 percent more bending orders. What is most important to Monika Krenkova, is the ability to realize flatness levels of up to 0.3 millimeters without additional machining.“This has greatly expanded our client base in the construction industry.”

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