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News, Products | 2017-02-17

n-cut24 GmbH expands its leveling spectrum with the PlateMaster® L

Perfectly equipped thanks to ARKU: (from left to right) Thomas Incani, machine operator, Kuno Fokken, workshop foreman and Reemt Steenblock, sales employee from n-cut24, in front of the new PlateMaster® L.

Westoverledingen, Germany – From machine components the size of a credit card to sheet metal panels meters long: n-cut24 cuts metal into almost every imaginable shape. Correspondingly, the sheet metal experts offer a diverse range of services. The company carries out laser cuts, plasma cuts, deburring and leveling in a 6,000 square meter plant. The n-cut24 production facility exclusively manufactures unique pieces from a variety of materials. The specially produced parts made of high tensile steel are ordered by customers such as ship-builders and wind energy turbine manufacturers. Different leveling systems are needed, depending on the type of sheet metal, in order to achieve the best possible flatness. These flat parts ensure that the cut pieces can then be assembled quickly and easily.

Important portfolio expansion
“We use the FlatMaster® 50 80 from ARKU to level parts up to 800 millimeters wide and 12 millimeters thick. We already have a rough leveling system for large cut pieces up to 2,500 millimeters wide“, explains the Managing Director Ulrich van Scharrel. However, the company lacked a leveler for medium-width parts until now. Yet the machine was an urgent necessity. “We wanted to reduce the load on the FlatMaster® and also significantly expand our service portfolio“, continues van Scharrel. “This makes us a more attractive full-service partner and creates long-term customer loyalty“.
Said and done. Mr. van Scharrel received a presentation about the PlateMaster® L at the EuroBlech 2014. n-cut24 then tested the system in Baden-Baden. The results made one thing clear: with its 2,000 millimeters opening width, it was the perfect complement to the existing levelers. The system not only reduces the load on its smaller brother, the FlatMaster® : “The PlateMaster® L processes panels rapidly and with even less internal stress with a very low rejection quota. Thanks to its efficient interaction with the other systems, we now offer contract leveling for all coil widths. Our customer base is growing as a result“, emphasizes van Scharrel in closing.

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