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Quality-conscious ARKU customers show how our solutions for fully automated deburring are successful during operation.

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Our customers produce a diverse range of sheet metal and steel parts. Consistently high precision along with cleanly deburred and rounded parts are essential for them. In order to remain competitive, deburring has to be fast and without high personnel usage. The automated deburring machines from ARKU help with these demanding tasks.

At a glance: overview of our success stories.

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  • Bogballe A/S, Danmark: EdgeBreaker® 2000.

    BOGBALLE uses powder coating for the manufacturing of fertilizer spreaders, this is done to protect the steel housing of the spreaders. To ensure that the powder coating does not flake, smooth and deburred parts are an necessity.
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  • KTS, Germany: EdgeBreaker® 4000 Plus.

    KTS specializes in the welding and CNC milling of steel with subsequent part refinement. To increase their efficiency for larger orders from mechanical engineering and the commercial vehicle industry, KTS utilizes an automated deburring solution from ARKU.
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  • Straub, Germany: EdgeBreaker® 4000.

    Growing demand for precisely leveled, deburred and rounded parts that have been flame cut is what sent Straub on a search for a solution. Especially since parts in small and large quantities, with high time and quality pressure were required.
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  • ZFE, Germany: EdgeBreaker® 4000.

    In order to maintain the quality of ZFE products and thus ensuring competitiveness in the long term, powerful machines are a must.
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Machines for your specific needs – detailed best-practice reports.

The requirements are as unique as the customers themselves. We deliver precisely the right machine. Find out more about the various challenges and how ARKU deburring machines handle these for customers. In the following success stories, we present customers, their special requirements and our solutions:

Bogballe A/S, Denmark: EdgeBreaker® 2000

KTS, Germany: EdgeBreaker® 4000 Plus

Straub, Germany: EdgeBreaker® 4000.

ZFE, Germany: EdgeBreaker® 4000.

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Success stories.

“The EdgeBreaker® not only ensures consistently high-quality parts. We also save an enormous amount of time.” - Simon Straub, Head of Production at Eisen- und Stahlhandel Straub. More about customers’ successful use of our machines:

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We also process your parts at our Leveling and Deburring Center. In small quantities for testing or as contract work – economical and efficient.

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