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Our customer references demonstrate how ARKU’s state-of-the-art coil systems handle a diverse range of requirements. Read and find out how companies all over the world benefit from these solutions.

Ford plant, Germany: high-performance leveler.

The trend toward high-strength materials in the automotive industry means that older levelers are often unable to handle today’s requirements. In this case, integrating a new leveler is a good alternative to replacing an entire coil line.

Ford converts its exterior skin system.

This trend has also resulted in an increased demand for ARKU’s high-performance levelers that are installed in existing systems. The EcoPlan® drive system developed by ARKU is a unique benefit. This performance-enhancing drive system is utilized for precision and high-performance levelers. EcoPlan® drive systems deliver up to 30% more leveling performance without leaving any marks on the panel. That is why the Ford plant in Genk chose a precision leveler with an EcoPlan® drive system for its existing exterior skin production facility.

Cassette changing system for leveling rollers.

The leveler is equipped with a cassette changing system for leveling rollers. This guarantees consistent leveling results and minimum downtimes. The cassette changing system also simplifies and drastically shortens the cleaning process for the leveling rollers. The cassettes can be swap easily if two are available. As a consequence, the cleaning process is moved to non-productive times. In addition, the cassette changing system even enables one machine to be equipped with different leveling roller diameters. A leveler with a cassette changer with small leveling rollers and a second with a larger leveling roller diameter can process a broader spectrum of sheet thicknesses.

The competent retrofitting team.

Subsequently integrating a new leveler involves costs. That is why it is so important for systems providers to offer a quick working service team with professional project management. The ARKU team only needed a few days at the Ford plant to integrate the new leveler into the production line. The machine now works reliably and delivers good leveling results. As a result, ARKU was awarded Q1 for its handling of the job.

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“We received a highly flexible cut-to-length line that was precisely designed to meet our exacting needs.”"  - Günter Knecht, Project Manager at BITO Lagertechnik. More about customers’ successful use of our machines:

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We also integrate levelers into turnkey press feeding lines, cut-to-length lines and coil preparation systems for roll forming lines.

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