Cut-to-length lines: maximum flexibility.

Our customer references demonstrate how ARKU’s state-of-the-art coil systems handle a diverse range of requirements. Read and find out how companies all over the world benefit from these solutions.

At a glance: overview of our success stories.

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  • BITO Lagertechnik, Germany: Cut-to-length line.

    BITO wanted to expand its flexible sheet metal processing capabilities throughout their production. It should also be possible to manufacturer small batches of customer-specific products directly from the coil.
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  • Ford Werke, Germany: high-performance leveler.

    Ford has decided to utilize a precision leveler with the EcoPlan® drive system in an existing production plant for exterior automotive parts.
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  • Gestamp Mason, USA.

    „We are very satisfied with the coil line and its high availability.” - Phil Preston, Maintenance Manager at Gestamp Mason.
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  • Hagener Feinblech Service, Germany: Cut-to-length line with high-performance leveler.

    „The first impression of ARKU has been solidified. It was a very good cooperation and the final results are excellent.” - Andreas Ducke, Technical CEO at Hagener Feinblech Service.
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  • Hörmann, Germany: Cut-to-length line.

    „Our cut-to-length line supplies three door cover production lines as well as two additional door frame manufacturing lines with excellent, level and stress-free, galvanized steel plates.” - Klaus Jungen, Technical Director at Hörmann.
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  • Liebherr Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany: Cut-to-length line.

    For Liebherr Hausgeräte, the search for a new cross-section system had to focus on the careful stacking of the cut panels.
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  • Mubea, Germany: coil line for flexible cuts.

    For the manufacturing of sheet metal, Mubea and ARKU developed a coil line for the manufacturing of flexible blanks, which can reliably process the various sheet thicknesses.
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Machines for your specific needs – detailed best-practice reports.

The requirements are as unique as the customers themselves. We deliver precisely the right machine. Find out more about the various challenges and how ARKU cut-to-length lines handle these for customers. In the following success stories, we present customers, their special requirements and our solutions:

BITO Lagertechnik, Germany: cut-to-length line.

Ford Werke, Germany: high capacity leveler.

Liebherr Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany: cut-to-length line.

Mubea, Germany: coil line for dynamic cuts.

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Success stories.

“We received a highly flexible cut-to-length line that was precisely designed to meet our exacting needs.”"  - Günter Knecht, Project Manager at BITO Lagertechnik. More about customers’ successful use of our machines:

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We also integrate levelers into turnkey press feeding lines, cut-to-length lines and coil preparation systems for roll forming lines.

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